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Just got a selfie with @twhiddleston best moment of my life #selfie #TomHiddleston pic.twitter.com/4kcm5guAxm


His hugs are heavenly <3 #highrise #tom #hiddleston #tomhiddleston (x)


MET TOM AGAIN  got another hug#tomhiddleston#thiddy#highrise#film#movie#marvel#loki#fan#inlove#bestdayever#hug#idol#love#amazing#perfecthumanbeing#perfection#hesmellssogood (x)


We thought we would bring #TomHiddleston some lunch #HighRise pic.twitter.com/n8qBjahesB


here are the proper pictures! Thank you @twhiddleston best day ever!!  pic.twitter.com/ycHiJavf6a


!!!!!! is THIS REAL LIfe (x)


Tom giving me a little hug

Hamlet FAQ - Additional answers


So earlier in the week I asked the nice people at the Barbican a few of the more frequent questions that I had been asked since the FAQ went live. 


Before tickets go live tomorrow here are a few more answers for you which will hopefully help:

What credit cards do you accept for payment?

Mastercard, Visa, Amex.

Will the system that requires you to log in after choosing tickets result in non members stopping members from choosing seats & cause server issues?

We have extra servers in place to handle all the traffic. 

What happens if on the day we are seeking to go the lead booker is ill and unable to attend?

The best thing to do is to ring our Box Office and explain the situation and they will take it from there.

I’m overseas what happens if my tickets get lost in the post?

We do post tickets to foreign countries. If they don’t arrive or get lost, just ring the Box Office who can arrange for the person to collect duplicates on the night.

Will there be an NT Live style broadcast of Hamlet?

Not aware of anything like that at the moment.

Unfortunately the details of the £10 scheme aren’t known at present. So the general message is that if possible you shouldn’t rely on that and purchase a ticket now. 

Benedict getting compliments from Andy Serkis for his work in The Hobbit (x)

"If you could come to Comic Con as a civilian, what would you like to see?" (X)



The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies at Comic-Con includes Benedict being blipped :D He’s a civilian!

I’m gonna fight ‘em off
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back


The Hobbit Cast Interviewed at Comic Con  

Benedict Cumberbatch says thank you to those who supported The Prince’s Trust



The Prince’s Trust yesterday sent out an email containing a quote from Benedict Cumberbatch thanking everyone who was kind enough to donate to our fundraiser this year in honour of The Princes Trust.

Benedict said:

“I’m so proud of my fans and the importance they’ve seen in helping a cause I am so fervently enthralled to.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate over the years. I always knew that I wanted to work as an actor and have been extremely lucky to get where I am today. It hasn’t been without hard work and determination, but a key ingredient to anyone’s self-confidence and personal success, is the support and guidance that comes from having a role model.

I also know that many young people don’t have such opportunities. With no role model, life can be daunting and self-esteem can drop making it harder to ask for help. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why I am a Prince’s Trust Ambassador – believing every young person deserves a chance in life is a vision we both share.”

Lovely :)


We’ve got a new image for all you Benedict Cumberbatch fans. Enjoy! Don’t forget to pre-order

benedict + comic con 



So as you all kinow Hamlet booking opens for red members tomorrow.

I won’t be posting timed reminders or anything like that on twitter tomorrow nor will I be posting about tickets as I think things like that can stress people out. Nothing worse than seeing someone be all “yay I have tickets” when you’re looking murderously at a blank screen. Emotions can run really high on ticket booking days and I won’t be doing anything to add to that. I’ll just re-tweet anything the Barbican post and if they email anything I’ll post that too.

Just. Try and be zen about the whole thing.

I know that’s tricky. I’m the absolute worst when it comes to ticket buying because it can be so so frustrating. Hopefully it will all be lovely and easy and the servers will hold up. But that has never ever happened in the history of me buying tickets ever for a popular show. That’s not me winding people up its just the truth. From the BFI to the proms to the recent booking for A Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Vic everything always dies when everyone hits it at once.

So please please don’t panic. The Barbican tweeted that even if all the red members bought their entire allocation there would still be plenty of seats left for orange members. (Public bookers just book as soon as you can once it goes live). The key thing is it’s not going to sell out in an hour tomorrow. So try not to get too upset about it all and breathe deeply. It’ll all be fine!


Benedict Cumberbatch signing at the WB booth at SDCC

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